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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I want to go to my village

Before I go for KKN for 2 months, I want to go to my village in Bone to see my mother. However, unfortunately, today, my mother called me that she would be headed to Palopo to deal with serious problem regarding divorcement. If I come home, I will be alone because all my brothers are in Mangkutana.
To be honest, I hate being lonely in home. I always want to hear my family speaking, hear TV they're watching, have dinner together, and piss off my brother. *sigh* Seems those I will not experience anymore, because my parents will divorce and my brothers in Mangkutana to work. The only one in my home is just my mother.
If I come home tomorrow, I just expect doing more than common things: watching TV all day long, smoking (maybe), cooking my favorite foods, exploring home, and washing my motor cycle. I'd like to go swimming in Lanca, but I have problem with someone there. I am a frightened whether he stops me on the road. So, maybe I'll just go the city to refresh my mind searching for clothes.