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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I stayed up designing this blog

What a tiring thing! I stayed up last night to design this blog and slept at 3AM. I am so sleepy now, my heart beats fast and I should not take bath this morning.

Well, some of difficult parts in designing this blog were tweaking error code on its read more function, creating colorful navigation horizontal tabs, and adjusting its layout.

Fixing read more function was the hardest part, I had to really understand the xml code and compare the structure to the normal one. Actually, this was day-to-day problem to fix, but I have figure it out last night. I just replaced the error xml structure with normal one from my other blog.

Colorful navigation is my favorite look on this blog, inspired by Business Week, finally I could make it! Pretty cool, isn't? However, the tabs are not parallel with its main content width.

The last one is adjusting its layout, was another part too. Post area was cramped, I had to search its CSS in order to fit the layout and create wide area of blog post. The remaining problems is, there is wide area on the right side. I am still searching how to fix it.

So far, I am satisfied enough over my blog. I like it, though there are some still error to be fixed.