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Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't want to be class chairperson anymore

How it feels to be chairperson of class? I would say, so tiring. Recently, I am chairperson of class at my university because my lecture pointed me directly. Before the class started I usually take attendance list in the department office, prepare marker and eraser. You know, the class had no eraser before, my lecture told to find one but I even didn't find one. He said if I failed to get eraser next week, he would call me fail chairperson. Please! I didn't want to be called like that, so I then went to stationary store to buy eraser. Pretty cheap, it was only 1,500 rupiah, around $0,1.
Well, to be honest, I am glad that this semester will be ended, automatically, I will be off as chairperson. Yay! However, another job hit me again. Final project of my classmates must be submitted to me, after that, I have to forward it to our lecture. The problem is, to date, only a number of final projects are already in my hands. Should I wait for them, or what?! Our lecture said, if the final projects are ready, I have to call him.
I don't wanna be class chairperson anymore!