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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I am Working On My Thesis

I had wasted one year in my life. I dropped out myself from Animal Husbandry Faculty at Hasanuddin University because of my stupid plan. However, fortunately, I was accepted in Faculty of Letter in the same university after I enrolled again in 2009. So, at the faculty, I promised not to waste my time anymore. I have to focus and focus on my study. Tho I am eventually still in semester sixth, I already began writing my thesis to accomplish my study on time.

In Indonesia, to accomplish sarjana degree or bachelor degree we call our final project: 'skripsi' not thesis, instead, we call thesis for final project for magister degree. Then why I prepare myself this early to write thesis? Because thesis is something scariest thing to do for almost students. Just admit it! So, I should prepare myself from now on.

I have already some topics in my mind to develop, but I am still confused to do research. Yet, thesis collections in our library are very limited, I think I should go to neighbor university. As for my thesis, insha allah, I will analyze portrait of slavery in a biographical style novel that centeralises slavery. Using social approach, hopefully the thesis will be finished within several months.