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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Campus is the best place for bank to expand their business

This afternoon, I've just jogging around my campus, Hasanuddin University. As I passed by the gate, I saw bicycle parking areas were already painted, dominated by blue and orange color. Suddenly, those colors reminded me of one of national public banks in my country, it was Bank BNI. So, I thought the bank was behind of that again. However, the logo of the bank still yet not sticked on it. 
At my campus, there are two banks that mostly serve students, they are Bank BTN and Bank BNI itself. My friends and I usually pay semester tuition fee in Bank BTN, but for other students also pay it in Bank BNI. The other day, we paid our KKN fee in Bank BNI. So, I think Bank BNI mostly have tighter business relationship with my university.

Big Opportunity
Bank mentioned above is just an example among banks in my country that see campus as the big opportunity to expand their business. They compete to be closer with campus as well as they provide many thing, say ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) at campus area, sponsoring events, donating something, providing scholarship and bank job opportunities, and many more.

Total of students at my university nearly reach 21.630 according to its official site and it's really big 'fish' to bait for bank. Bank roles as middle-unit to help students to pay their tuition fee or anything related with their needs. As a result, students tend to open an account in the bank to ease their payment, so no need to bring fresh money but account book.

In another hand, students are habitual visiting the bank, and I believe they will not consider another bank to open an account because they know the bank the most.

Even though, I had never got information that bank charged fee of students payment at my university, but I do believe they do because because bank and university were in business relationship. However, they really help us because without them, we can't imagine how we pay our tuition fee.

As conclusion, obviously, according of some reasons explained, campus is the potential place to get customer for bank to expand their business. As suggestion, those banks should provide more services for student and of course university too.