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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Assignments Hit Me

These final weeks of the month are the end of the semester fifth according to academic calendar of my university. So far, I have been joining some final test in the class and the rests are assignments - homework. Some are rather easy but some are difficult too. I have many tricks to finish the assignment so I don't need to worry about that, as long as the internet in my dorm room is connected, everything goes as well, hopefully. However, I never attend one of subjects I am programming in the semester, PR (Public Relation), taught by Mr.Alwi - my freaking friends ever said to me that my face looks like his, dammit!

It's because the subject has the same schedule with other subject, that is Survey of British-American Literature. If only employees at my department could work as well, it would not be like this! The consequence is probably I would be scored E! No! No can do that this is the end of the semester so that I can not resign from this subject.

The Survey of British-American Literature was already finalized, I plan to attend the PR class next week. God, I wish I can attend the class and keep my name on the record in the list of the subject participants.