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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bought New Jupiter MX Today

New Jupiter MX 2011
Alhamdulillah, after searching the availability of New Jupiter MX (5 speeds) in dealers of Yamaha, finally I found it in Seram Abadi Jaya Motor, one of authorized dealer of Yamaha which is at Jl. Tentara Pelajar, Makassar. Well, I have short story to tell you about this.

Last week, Saturday to Sunday, I was in my homevillage, Bone, to take money from my parents to buy the motorcycle in Makassar, why didn’t I buy it in Bone? First, I don’t have time to buy it that working hours of Yamaha dealers in Bone is the same with my schedule in campus so I would have to not attend my class (Monday to Friday); second, students of Palopo and Bone are in war, if I use vehicle code of Bone (W) on my motorcycle, I am afraid if students of Palopo indentify me and do messing with me; and the last one, I am not familiar about the road of Bone-Makassar, probably I may be lost. Considering these reasons, I then decided to buy it in Makassar.

Monday dawn, I arrived at Makassar, and in the morning I went to Bandaraya, one of authorized dealer of Yamaha too.

Me: “Mis, do you have New Jupiter MX in stock?” I asked.
SPG: “We don’t have the motorcycle yet but the automated one (4 speed).”
Me: “What?! If I indent, how long it takes to arrive here?”
SPG: “We are not sure, because not everyday our dealer is restocked, maybe 2-3 weeks, or in the end of the month the motorcycle will be here”.
Me: *sigh* Okay, I will buy the automated one. How long it takes to process the STNK?”
SPG: “About 2-3 weeks, may I see your ID card (KTP)?”
Me: “That’s rather long.” Meantime, I gave her my ID card.
SPG: “Seems your resident is not here, you need to pay Rp.300k for administration fee.”
Me: *shock* “Okay then, I am going to pay it”

The SPG then copied my ID card and guided me to see the motorcycle. After that, it was time to pay BUT before I gave her my money, I called my mother about using my own ID card to purchase the motorcycle. Then what was my mother saying? NO! She didn’t allow me to buy it using my own ID card, She wanted me to ask my cousin help.

Me: “I am so sorry mis, can you cancel it please that my parents don’t allow to buy automated version but manual version.” I smiled even though I lied that I think it’s the best reason. She just replied ‘okay’ and smiled warmly. Oh goodness, thank you mis. “Thank you mis” I leaved her back to my dormitory.

Tomorrow, in my dorm room, I found a brochure of price list of Yamaha’s products I grabbed at M’tos. I dialled the phone number on it. I asked about the availability of red New Jupiter MX (5 speeds) and fortunately, it was in stock! I then went to its stand and met its SPB, he then accompanied me to its dealer at Jl. Tentara Pelajar.

Then? I was little surprised here, why? They don't accept selling if the consumers' ID card is not Makassar, but Bandaraya do with administration fee though. So? I was offered to use its officer ID card but my name will be written on the STNK and BPKB except the address. What! After thinking for awhile, I thought it wouldn't be problem but who knows if it will be. I accepted it, after long conversation with the technical officer, She said that the red New Jupiter MX (5 speeds) was not available except black-blue and black-yellow! WTF! So the SPB was the liar! Huh, okay :( I chose the black-blue one. After that, finally I paid it for Rp. 17.032.000 as written in its brochure, at least I didn't need to comeback to Bone or pay administration fee for non Makassar ID card owners.

Unfortunately, they couldn't not carry the motorcycle to my dormitory today because their cars were used. So, I must wait until tomorrow.

Alhamdullillah, it would be my first motorcycle, and I just can't wait to ride it. Thanks Mom, you are the best mother in the world.