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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trading Stock and Forex

Trading stock and forex isn't booming in Indonesia yet but several people began learning how-to of trading stock and forex these days. I think they did realize trading/investment is excellent choice to make money already.

I still remember when I attended an entrepreneurship seminar at my university, I asked the speaker about stock investment. He said that if you had much money, stock is your good choice but you have to know stock is risky to trade. Hmm... he's totally right because market is unpredictable.

You know, being investor/trader is one of my dream since I was high-schooler that I love term 'let money works for you' yeah and I found it on investment. Put your egg in basket and wait until hatch. As stated before, stock is indeed risky that influenced by many factors - macro and micro. However, to overcome loss money we have to learn fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stock/forex.