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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometime I Think: If Only I was Jews Descent, Seriously

In short, I am so amazed on how Jew control the world, economy, media, and many more. They are freaking amazing. Jews are known smart, tricky, and discipline so no wonder they dominate the richest people list in the world. Despite of that, there are also many people who hate Jews (anti-semitic or Jews phobia), why? Because Jews are so cruel, racist (I heard that if you ain't Jews you are DOG, CMIIW), capitalist, et cetera. But why I thought of being Jews descent? LOL, truly, deeply, I am not totally Jew descent at all. I was born by beloved Buginese-Luwunese parents and we are Muslim, yes WE'RE MUSLIM. Never think I have Jews gen in my body.

As for my post title above, so why kind of Jew I would be? Hmmmm, it's just my imagination yah! Lemme guess, Jews reliogionist? NO, NO. I WILL NEVER BE NON-MUSLIM, I LOVE ISLAM. So? I just wanted be Jews descent, a nice-Jew, LOL.  That's all, so I have link to join Jews community to study about business.

P.S. I acknowledge this post is controvecial. Please don't take my writing above seriously, it's just a trashy thought.