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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reasons Why I Hate Multi Level Marketing

MLM is short of Multi Level Marketing where we get paid to get new member. Usually we need to buy company products in order to join it. This marketing system is very useful for company because this decreases company's advertisement cost and enables targeted distribution to the market.

As for its term 'level' this system has two membership types. They are upline and downline. Upline is those who have registered member right already and its job is to find new members which are called downline. So its system like pyramid. However, in certain system this membership level usually change depends on its sale or company's policy. The higher your level the higher your commission.

People do make much money with MLM as long as they have wide network and good skill to recruit people. I call it a skill to 'deceive', why? You should convince people to join your network by luring bombastic commission i.e. free trip to overseas, free car, free house, etc. if they can succeed