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Thursday, July 28, 2011

PayPal Doesn't Support Single Name

Having single name in Indonesia is something common but not in other countries i.e America, etc. That's my problem, I don't have last name but single name. Nah, because of my single name I got problem at withdrawing my balance on Paypal to my bank account in Indonesia because my name on Paypal which Arwin Kim is not same with my bank account name.

I sent ticket to Paypal support with proof of my driving license to change my name to Arwin. They then replied that their system doesn't support single name so they gave me alternative changing my name into Mr. Arwin, Arwin . or Arwin , and I prefer Mr. Arwin. Fortunately, when I called my bank cs he told me that I can receive money transfer by using prefix Mr.. Soundly good but dunno whether it's possible or not.

Paypal also requires copy of my bill to upload onto their website so I must to. Pal, Paypal is the best and  safest online payment service in the world.

P.S Kim is not my last name, I don't have last name at all. You can read my post why love name 'Kim' as my fictive last name here.