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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My ShareCash Earning is UP!

ShareCash is the best paid-to-upload website, legit and pays! It pays $0.20 - $1 per download depends on which country downloaders are. As I know ShareCash accept all countries but countries like America and Europe countries pays higher.

How it works? To earn money on ShareCash is extremely easy, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Register here.
2. Find files which people always search for online-offline, andof course digital products! You can find the product/niche by using Adwords Keyword Tools or other tools similar to it.
3.  Upload the files and spread the link. I usually use Youtube, blogs, and forum.
4. Finally, just wait money fill your pocket!

Tips: the more files you upload the more money you earn! You may also download my complete ShareCash method here.

My ShareCash recent earning screenshot

Sharecash payment proof
What I bought with the money? I just started focus on this site so no wonder I earned less money as you see on my ShareCash above but it's enough to pay my internet and electric bill though. I bought beanie, 2 mirror screen protectors for my Samsung Wave 525 on eBay, and a shirt I bought on Wholesale-dress.net but until now the shirt doesn't arrive at my dormitory yet.