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Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Month of Semester Breaks For Workout

Ain't my abs six pack already?
Yeah, semester break for this 4th semester is already started. No more final assignments nor anything unless plan to do some things during this break. What should I do then? Returning to my home village again? NO! I won't! I planned to do something better rather than retutning to my home village that I would do nothing there as usual.

Actually, I've planned joining a gym but I thought I could transform my body without joining that.So, I cancelled it.I had about three months off for my holiday and one month of it, I want to use it for sport to transform my body.

Another activity
I had meeting today about great meeting of my generation in English Department of UH. I leaved it soon this morning because I was so hungry yet I felt bored.

Unlike my activity explained above, I had big responsibility in KOPMA (Koperasi Mahasiswa) as coordinator of Business Visit, I have to coordinate my friends to visit one of small business in Makassar but I don't know when I will realize it because of something.

My dorm room looks messy yet its exterior. F@ck!!! How come I leave this room with such condition! I told the owner of this freaking dormitory to fix it but what! No attention of him! Then he increase the fee of this room.