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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am tired of finding swimming outfit

One of sports I like is swimming but the only swimming style I master is falling stone style (just kidding). Well, today I have gone to second market clothes in Jl Ratulangi to buy second hand swimming trunks but I got nothing so I decided to go in Mari, there, the price of the outfit is so expensive about $10 huh, so I then decided to go in Mtos.. but what! I found nothing unless exhaustion. O my... I regret that I didn't buy swimming trunks on kaskus but when I checked it tonight its stock is already sold out. Hufttt...

Actually, I could buy it in Mari but I think what for I spend a lot money for swimming outfit though? Meanwhile my casual outfits are less. That's why I went to second hand market :D