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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Watching Shorinji Kempo Competition

Yesterday, I went to the American Corner in the library center of Hasanuddin University to read some english books particularly books about technology, literature, and magazines. I wish there was someone whom I like initialed DK because she are usually in Amcor with her friends.

The clock in the room showed 11.55, I had to go to the masjid for standing sholat jumat. I went to the masjid on foot and met some people wore fighting outfits. They were participants of Shorinji Kempo Competition that held by UKM Shorinji Kempo of Unhas. I thought I should watch them fight later after standing sholat jumat.

Sholat Jumat ended, I walked back to the library center. In the way, I asked a men about the time of the first match whose appearance was participant of the competition. She told me that the match would begin at 2pm.

I had finished reading a book about wonderful places of America. Its now time to watch the Shorinji Kempo competition in UKM Building. I watched the match myself. First competition was katak performance which I thought was so dull. I wanted to watch the fight between pro and pro.

Shorinji Kempo Competition in UKM Building of Unhas
During watching the competition, I was surprised that my classmates were committee. They sat in the front of the match and wrote something. I also met my another classmate there and she greeted me for my birthday, thank you anyway. She talked that she wanted to join an english debate competition and wanted me as her partner but I answered I could not because I was not interested.

Ah, the competition seemed that boring. I went home.