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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She looked at me

Perasaan cinta kepada lawan jenis adalah fitrah manusia. Dan sebaik-sebaik cinta itu hanya karena Allah.

I woke up at 7.45 this morning that I slept at 01.00 am last night. Without cleaning my messy room up at first, I then went to take bath.

I thought I was late to attend the first class this morning at 08.00 am and fortunately our lecturer is so kind to us.She said that coming to class behind schedule ain't problem for her. Maybe because She always comes late too. LOL. Who knows.

Finally the class ended. I went to the other class to join the second class in MPK. In the way through the buildings of my faculty, I saw someone whom I like so much till I could not sleep. Yup, as you knew already from previous post, she is DK., a beautiful girl with hijab.

She walked with her friend. I looked at her, suddenly She looked at me too. I could see She wants to smile while looking at me. So beautiful. I felt so awkward. I just walked on.

Honestly, I really like her so much. She has everything I like. She wears hijab, beautiful, and smart. But I know that it's absolutely impossible to have her. She doesn't want to be in relationship before getting married because she is an akhwat. Well, what is akhwat? Akhwat is a term for Islamic women who keep their purity. Maybe it's similar to Muslimah I think.

You know I have strong principle in my life. If you can't get it just leave it. I erase her number on my phone and I wish I would never see her anymore. Whether you think it's excessive, yes indeed. I just don't want this stuff disturb my mind. But what, I saw her today.

I believe in Allah, whether she is a wife which Allah gives to me in the future. Wherever she is, She will not apart with me. I don't want to think of her anymore. I have to focus on my study.