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Saturday, April 9, 2011

RRI Seminar

RRI Seminar in PKP Building
Today, I have just attended a seminar with topic "RRI establishes nation characters" in PKP Building of Hasanuddin University. The seminar delivered by LPP Director of RRI Mrs. Niken and Director of RRI of Makassar (sorry I forget his name). Organized by EBS UH, this seminar went well and I got some knowledge about RRI (Radio of Indonesian Republic) vision, management, and more.

I lod'ed when the presentation showed some pictures about culture of people in Hong Kong, Japan, and Indonesia of course. In the pictures, Hong Kong and Japanese showed as people which are very discipline wherever they are, for example in the lift, people in there, give chance in their right side for other people to stand next to them. Actually, it's not new thing for me because I had known that Japanese people are indeed that so. Then what about Indonesia? Very very different, there is no discipline at all.