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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I want to work

Berhentilah membuat rencana! Melangkah lah! - Bob Sadino

If only time could be reversed I wanted to go back to last three years ago where my parents asked me: college or working? Yeah if only it could be, I definitely would answer "I want to work" doubtlessly.

When I was high schooler I was totally obsessed to be entrepreneur. At the village, I ever bought an entrepreneur book from Gramedia via telephone nor online. Its title is "100 jenis usaha yang paling menguntungkan" which origanally translated into Indonesia. I wasted my money almost $10 or Rp.100.000 to buy this book . Why I said 'wasted'? Because I thought this book explained about good business based on Indonesian condition. And holy crap! This book is only explaining about good business which suitable for American people who live in America of course. Huh!

I want to work not because I have insufficient money to live my life but indeed I want to be an entrepreneur. During my study period at the university, I wish I could establish an small business apart my status as student. So, over many times ago, I had researched some small businesses to begin with but needs small capital of course.