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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I bought new phone Samsung Wave 525

I thought it's time to change my old phone Nokia 7610 to the new one. I have three mobile phones, they are Nokia 3310, Nokia 7610, and the last one is Nokia too but I forget its type. I stated before my last mobile phone was Nokia 7610 but its Bluetooth is dead.

After searching and comparing mobile phone among mobile phones, I decided to buy a phone which has touchscreen, wide display, high megapixel camera, and easy to use. Actually, I wanted to buy Samsung Star Wifi s5233w but I thought this phone has a lack of features even tho this phone is damn cool so I decided to buy Samsung Wave 525 (bado) because this phone is new version Samsung S-series.

Samsung Wave 525

Well, if you want to buy this phone I will be telling you my the first impression when I used this phone objectively. This phone was awesome. This has no stylus so everything ran by our fingers but don't worry because its screen is wider.

Almost Samsung mobile phones which has Wifi can play video on Youtube and this phone does. Great.

P.S I love Nokia but it's the first time I buy non Nokia phone, Samsung. Huh, .......